Woman Gives Birth To Twins — 11 Weeks Apart

Woman Gives Birth To Twins — 11 Weeks Apart

Being pregnant with twins is indeed an exciting thing as you deliver two kids at once. The delivery of two babies at once is a fact that makes twins very attractive. However, many cases are not the same, some women have delivered their twins on different days. Lilliya Konovalova from Northern Kazakhstan has a similar story.

Pregnancy Of Lilliya Konovalova

Woman Gives Birth To Twins — 11 Weeks Apart

Woman Gives Birth To Twins — 11 Weeks Apart

Lilliya Konovalova was 29 years old, and she got pregnant with twins. The pregnancy went well, but she delivered her kids three months apart. The first kid, the girl, was born in May, and she was in her 25th week of pregnancy. The pre matured baby got all the care from the hospital, and meanwhile, the second baby was born in the first week of August.

Konovalova said to daily mail that her son was not in any hurry to come out, and he took his time inside the womb. The birth of the twins was 11 weeks apart. It is a very rare birth as such a gap is not common in twins. However, there is a world record of twins born 87 days apart. The twins do not share the birthdays but have separate birthdays.

Separate Womb For Twins

Along with the difference in birthdays, the babies are also different concerning the womb. Lilliya Konovalova had babies in two different wombs, which had resulted in her two deliveries. The two babies were in two different wombs because she had a condition called uterus didelphys.

Uterus Didelphys

Uterus didelphys is the condition in which a woman has two uteruses. It is the condition in which a woman can bear two kids at a time in the two uteruses. You can conceive twins but they may be in different wombs. Moreover, it can make them give birth to the kids at two points of time.

It can make the twins birth happen as two normal births. It is indeed a very different condition, but it is widespread, and at least one among 2000 women is having this issue. In the early days of development, the female fetus has two tubes, but it fuses into one uterus. However, in some women, the tube gradually develops into two uteruses. In such cases, you may bear each of the twins I different uteruses.

History Of Twin Deliveries On Different Days

In the year 2009, a woman who has the condition of uterus didelphys delivered two kids from one side each. In the year 2014, women in the UK with uterus didelphys gave birth to triplets, two of the babies were in one uterus, and one was in a different womb. The fact that makes Konovalova’s pregnancy unique is that the two kids were born on different days.

Delivering Twins On Different Days

Woman Gives Birth To Twins — 11 Weeks Apart

Woman Gives Birth To Twins — 11 Weeks Apart

Contractions of a woman may occasionally subside after the delivery of one twin. Doctors may let the second child gestate in the womb almost near to the due date if the first child is born very premature. Konovalov went through a similar condition when Liya, her daughter, was born in the 25th week of pregnancy. So, doctors made the second child gestate for another 11 weeks so that the baby is near to the term.

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