What To Expect During A Water Birth

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Giving birth in special inflatable pool is becoming more and more popular these days. Many women choose to go through labor while in the water and then come out of the water for delivery. However, a lot of women love to stay in the water for their delivery as well. According to experts, water birth is way more calm for the mother. It is also not as painful as delivering a baby out naturally without epidural at the hospital.

Water Birth: Meaning, Benefits, Risks And Plan

Hospitals, midwives, and a lot of obstetricians believe that if the delivery and labor stress is reduced, then it will ease the process and will reduce fetal complications. This kind of birth must always happen under the supervision of an expert and qualified healthcare provider.

Advantages Of Waterbirth For Mother

It is soothing and relaxing since it involves warm water which comforts the nerves of the mother. The water is proven to give more energy to the woman. This then reduces the mother’s body weight and allows free movements to achieve new positions. It improves the uterine contractions’ efficiency and boosts blood circulation in the body to give more oxygen to the uterine muscles of the mother. It lessens the pain for the woman giving birth and produces more oxygen for the baby.

Submerging yourself in water often helps to lower the high blood pressure caused by anxiety and uncertainty. The water reduces stress-related hormones and allows the mother’s body to generate endorphins that work as pain-inhibitors.

Water increases the elasticity in your body through a hormone and reduces the severity of tearing and the need for stitches and episiotomy. A pregnant woman can even be mentally relaxed and focused on childbirth in a better way. Water reduces inhibitions, anxiety, and fears as it provides a sense of security.

Advantages Of Water Birth For The Baby

It gives a similar environment to the baby as an amniotic sac. This will also provide birth security and reassurance as it reduces stress. It is believed that the baby can feel if his or her mother is stressed.

Risks Involved

If the baby feels stress in the birth canal or the umbilical cord, then it turns around and might struggle to inhale air which increases the chances of getting water into the lungs. It is a rare case since babies generally do not inhale water until they confront air. They always breathe through the umbilical cord until they can breathe on their own or the umbilical cord is detached from them.

How To Plan A Water Birth

Always check with your healthcare provider if they are equipped with a water birth facility. This can be a unique tub or if they can refer you to any facility that is properly equipped for water birthing. If you are looking forward to giving water birth at the hospital, then ensure that they do have a policy that allows water birth delivery. It has become very common nowadays to the point that you can do it at home.

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You can always take a tub for rent for around $350. This will depend on the availability as well as the cost of shipping. Always make sure to ask your midwife or doctor if it is okay for you to give birth in the water.

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