What To Expect At 6 Weeks Pregnant


Congratulations, you are now 6 weeks pregnant. Your baby is now as big as a sweet pea. However, at this stage, pregnancy is still new to you since you are not showing yet. Emotional levels are still high since it is slowly sinking in. Early pregnancy signs are bothering you, and you may be feeling quite uncomfortable due to that.

How Is The Baby When You Are 6 Weeks Pregnant?

What To Expect When You Are 6 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 6 weeks pregnant, the baby is also undergoing some significant changes. The baby has started getting its working parts and organs in shape and order. It has developed into the size of a pea. The embryo is also growing and is now .25 inches, it will naturally grow more till your next week.

Symptoms You Notice When You Are 6 Weeks Pregnant

Every stage in pregnancy is different, and this week is also marked with its signs. Since you are still in the early stages of your pregnancy, symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, morning sickness, and dizziness can still occur. Keep in mind that these symptoms are normal so you have nothing to worry about unless of course, if they get too severe. Make sure that you take your doctor’s advice all the time.


What To Expect When You Are 6 Weeks Pregnant

The body is still trying to adjust to the demands of pregnancy. The hormones are also changing at a rapid rate. All these factors are influencing your body a lot. This is further causing an energy drain, and you are feeling the pressure of fatigue. This is even if you are not exerting that much effort. It is a way of the body preparing for massive changes.


Morning sickness or nausea is still intense at this stage. As the name goes, morning sickness is not just limited to mornings. It may be a whole day affair. However, if you are carrying twins, then this nausea can manifold at this stage. It is best to keep yourself hydrated and to keep eating nutritious foods.

Sore Breasts

Another imperative sign that you can witness at this stage of pregnancy is sore breasts. The increased blood circulation in the body is responsible for them. The body is also preparing your breasts to become a supply of milk for the baby. You will not feel anything yet, but it is a major sign, which is a good one.

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Gas And Bloating

Hormone progesterone during pregnancy can cause this stomach and digestion problems. You may even face constipation at this stage. It is advisable to drink lots of water at all times to stay hydrated. our doctor may also prescribe you with prenatal vitamins. You can mention all these symptoms you are having so that he or she can give you a bit of advice on how to deal with it.