What Kind Of Birth Control Should You Use?

Want To Have Some More Time For Self: Birth Control

When it comes to planning a family, it is a mutual decision of both the parents when it is time to have kids. Planning is very important, which is why there are a lot of birth control methods out there.

Back in the day, birth control does not exist since the world was not overpopulated yet. In some countries, a family who has a lot of kids is considered wealthy, but now the scenario has been changed. Without birth control, the world will not be enough for mankind to live in. This is why it is essential for people to plan accordingly. Birth control can also help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Want To Have Some More Time For Self: Birth Control

Methods Of Birth Control


Pills For Birth Control:

Contraceptive pills or birth control pills are available in the market. A woman can take it within 72 hours after the time of copulation. These pills have a high level of estrogen and progesterone, which will suppress the chances of pregnancy. It is ideal to see a doctor before you get these pills.

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Intrauterine Devices:

Some of the intrauterine devices are available in the market as well. It is placed inside the body of a woman, which suppresses the chances for her to get pregnant. These are not permanent methods so you can switch to another one if you wish. It still depends on what your doctor may suggest.

Male Condom:

The male condom is available anywhere and it is also the most common one. It is a rubber-type pouch that will fit tightly into the male organ to catch the sperm once released. This type of contraception will not let the sperm reach the vaginal tract of the woman. This is also one of the best ways to protect yourself from any diseases.

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Female Condom:

This is not as common as the male ones but it is effective as well.  A female condom goes into the vagina of a woman. This will not let any of the male sperm reach her reproductive tract at all. 

Other Methods Of Birth Control:

Apart from these temporary methods, there are also procedures that may help you if you no longer want to conceive.


In this process, the vasa deferens of a man will get cut and tied. In this case, there is no path for the sperm to come outside even if intercourse occurs.


This is a technique in which the fallopian tubes are cut and then get tied. When these are cut there is no passage for the sperm to reach any egg.

Want To Have Some More Time For Self: Birth Control

If you are looking for into these methods, keep in mind that you must check with your health provider first before getting through it. This will ensure that it will not cause any harm to you and also will not result in further problems as well. Some of these methods have side effects so be mindful.

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