Ways To Start Breastfeeding Early

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Most of the mums who have given birth for the first time feel that they need a lot of time in bonding with a newborn. It is not an uncommon issue, and they feel depressed because they cannot start breastfeeding right at the moment. But if you want to start breastfeeding early, there are some specific techniques that you can follow. Remember that the first milk or the colostrum is of utmost importance when it comes to the baby’s health and will protect your child from all sorts of infections. Also, a newborn’s stomach is tiny, so here she only needs minimal amounts to fill it up. With every passing date, the consistency of your milk will change, and you will start producing a lot more. If you are a new mum, we will help you so that you can start the breastfeeding process right away. 

How Often Should You Nurse?

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Most of the mums feel that they do not know anything about how often they should be feeding the kid. It would be best if you did it more often because nursing 8 to 12 times in 24 hours is pretty standard. During the first few days, you will have to wake your baby up so that they can start feeding. To ensure that the baby is eating enough, you have to wake her up since the last nursing session. 

Get A Comfortable Attachment.

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It can be quite working for the newborn mums because the feeding session will take up to 40 minutes. Holding a baby in a position that will not make your arms painful and you have to find what is comfortable for you. Indifferent to whether you are sitting or lying down, you do not have to start the feeding process because that will not be so pleasant for you. 

Special Diet While Breastfeeding

Most of the lactation experts say that the mother will feel more hungry during the breastfeeding sessions, and there has to be a proper and balanced diet to enhance milk production. There are many lactation-inducing granules that you can have with the milk but make sure that you do not consume more than 100mg per day. Even if you want to have caffeine, you can have it but make sure that it is not more than 300 mg per day. 

Breastfeeding Problems Most People Encounter

Some women say that their breasts are excessively full and uncomfortable, which is a hindrance when it comes to breastfeeding. Also, regular feeding can cause sore nipples and a specific type of breast infection that is completely curable. Consult a doctor if you feel any discomfort, and ask the pediatrician if your baby is getting enough milk. 


Being a new mum is never going to be easy, but you will be comfortable with every passing date if you know the correct tricks. Remember that stress and tension are never good for breastfeeding mothers, so

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