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Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms

unusual early pregnancy symptoms a checklist

If you are expecting, you probably have some unique and unfamiliar early pregnancy symptoms. These can range from feelings of fatigue, nausea and vomiting to unexplained changes in the way that your body looks. Sometimes these symptoms can seem like they are brought on by nothing at all and can even seem like they are unrelated to pregnancy. But if you keep a checklist of the more common early pregnancy symptoms for early pregnancy checkups, you can catch any problems before they get worse.


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You may find yourself feeling tired or fatigued far more than usual. This is because you are always moving your body and it takes time to adjust to the new positions that you are in. Of course, if you have been inactive, that may be contributing to it as well, but if you feel that you are dragging, or your energy levels are lower than normal, then this could be a problem. Consider taking some walks to regain your energy.


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Another sign of pregnancy that you should be aware of is that you may have frequent bouts of nauseating symptoms. This is due to the body changing in preparation for the new addition in the womb. Some women experience hives when they drink coffee or tea, so if you normally experience nausea when these foods are consumed, you may be pregnant. Take a rest and limit your caffeine consumption to avoid hives and the discomfort that come with them.

Morning Sickness

Even though you don’t feel sick at all times during your first month of pregnancy, you may still experience bouts of morning sickness during the morning. This is due to the hormones going through your body and altering your chemistry. If you find that you experience sickness at different times of the day, you should note that this may be an indication that you are suffering from another condition, such as morning sickness.

Increased Weight

Many women will note that they gain an unusual amount of weight in the third trimester. This is often due to a higher level of hormones, as well as the body having to use more glycogen to provide fuel for the baby’s growth. This extra weight will soon go back to normal once the body adjusts to its increased size.

Nipples Bleeding

In many cases, a woman will notice that she is bleeding from the nipples when she is pregnant. This is because the body is preparing to feed the new baby. However, some women experience a heavier flow than others. Consider this an indicator that your hormones are changing and that you are most likely beginning to feel the effects of pregnancy.


One of the most common early pregnancy symptoms is backaches, although this symptom can also be felt in the early stages of pregnancy. The change in hormones has caused your body to alter the way it stores fat, which can cause backaches to become worse as the body adjusts. You should also be prepared to deal with frequent headaches throughout your pregnancy.

Mood Swings

This is yet another one of the unusual early pregnancy symptoms. Mood swings are often a sign that your body is changing and preparing to take on the role of carrying a baby. However, they can also be a sign of pre-pregnancy hormones which may have been responsible for causing them in the first place. You will notice a greater mood in your body when you conceive and it is important to pay attention to your feelings and behavior to make sure there are no problems which need to be addressed.

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