How To Recognize The Signs Of Teenage Pregnancy - How To Recognize The Signs Of Teenage Pregnancy -

How To Recognize The Signs Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Many teen pregnancy signs in teenagers are directly associated with changes in their hormone levels, or their menstrual cycle. Many teen pregnancy signs in teenagers that are not related to their hormones include drinking, using drugs, and using pornography. Sometimes teens turn to sex as a way to relax, and in this case they may experience multiple teen pregnancy signs in one year. Teenage girls are five times more likely to become pregnant if they use contraceptives, and are almost three times as likely to be pregnant if they have intercourse without contraceptives.

Other pregnancy signs in teenagers include having unprotected sex and skipping school regularly. Teens that are depressed or feel sad all the time are also more likely to become pregnant. It is a misconception that only teenagers have problems with pregnancy, it can happen to any age child, and is oftentimes passed down through families.

Start To Feel Emotionally Unstable

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When teenagers start to feel emotionally unstable, they often turn to sex as a way of dealing with problems at home, at school, or with their friends. Unprotected sex with one’s boyfriend or girlfriend can lead to teenage pregnancy. Many teenagers’ sexual education programs do not discuss sex or birth control methods, which increases the risk of teenage pregnancy.

Sexually active teenagers often have many pregnancy myths. Some believe that teenagers’ bodies change drastically during the month of their puberty. This may not be true, and depending on the individual, the change may be gradual or sudden. Teenagers may begin to have more vaginal intercourse than normal, and may begin to have vaginal infections. They may also have more hair growing on their pubic area.

Different From A Non-Pregnant Teenager’s Cycle

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A pregnant teenager’s menstrual cycle will be different from a non-pregnant teenager’s cycle. While a non-pregnant teenager may experience irregular periods, a teenager with a confirmed pregnancy may notice a much more regular menstrual cycle. Changes in the eating habits of a teenager can also signal the beginning of pregnancy. A teen who is skipping meals or having excessive amounts of calories and carbohydrates in his or her diet may be trying to put on some weight. These changes should be discussed with a doctor.

One of the most common pregnancy myths is that teens who have sex at a very young age are more likely to become pregnant. In reality, there are many factors that affect the likelihood of a teen becoming pregnant. Factors such as whether the teen is starting to date and has a female friend can have an impact on whether or not he or she will become pregnant. Statistics show that girls who begin to date before their early twenties are more likely to become pregnant. Boys who begin dating before their early twenties are also at higher risk for pregnancy.

It Is Important For Parents To Be Aware

Not all teen pregnancy signs are apparent, and this is why it is important for parents to be aware of what their children are up against. In addition, the issue of teen pregnancy can also impact older women who may be struggling with issues related to post-pregnancy fertility. The key to preventing pregnancy from occurring in any situation is ensuring that both parents are involved in discussing any potential pregnancy sign with their children.

In today’s day and age, preventing the occurrence of teen pregnancy requires a greater level of awareness among both parents and their teenage children. It is vital that every family have a strong understanding of teen pregnancy signs and make each teen feel comfortable talking about any issues that they may be experiencing. 


If a teenage girl or boy ever expresses any concerns regarding their health or that of their loved ones, they need to be encouraged to go see their parent’s pediatrician for guidance. Getting the proper medical help is one of the best teen pregnancy signs one could encounter.

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