Symptoms Of Early “Pregnancy” And More Information On It

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Though it may sound odd, the first week of “pregnancy” bases on the date of the last menstrual period. The last menstrual period is considered week one of expecting, even if the pregnancy is not confirmed yet.

The expected delivery date gets calculate using the first day of the last period. For that reason, the first few weeks where the symptoms might not have been visible gets count toward the 40-week gestation period.

Since every woman is different, so are her experiences of this lovely phase. While for some women, the symptoms of pregnancy might start showing up as early as in the first week, it may take some time as late as five weeks for others. Some of the symptoms of early pregnancy are-

Symptoms of Early “Pregnancy” And More Information On It

Symptoms of Early “Pregnancy” And More Information On It

Prominent Changes Before “Pregnancy”-

  • Breast changes- As the hormone levels change spontaneously after conception, a woman’s breast may result in swollen, sore or tingly or fuller or tender to touch. The area around nipples could also darken up.
  • Fatigue- A woman may start feeling unusually fatigued just after a week of conception. This fatigue is usually related to a high level of the hormone progesterone, though a boost in blood cell production, low blood sugar and low blood pressure could also contribute to this fatigue.
  • Morning Sickness- Though a significant symptom of pregnancy is nausea, especially in the morning, not every pregnant woman gets it.

More On It

  • Missed period- Once the egg gets implant, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone which helps in maintaining the body during preg-nancy starts producing which stops the body from further producing eggs and the hence the menstrual cycle gets suspended for a little while.
  • Raised body temperature- A higher body temperature is also a sign of pregnancy.
  • Increased heart rate- Palpitations and arrhythmias are typical in pregnancy due to pregnancy hormones. Around eight to ten weeks of preg-nancy, the heart begins pumping faster and harder as there is increased blood flow due to the foetus.
Symptoms of Early “Pregnancy” And More Information On It

Symptoms of Early “Pregnancy” And More Information On It

Minor Changes-

  • Frequent pee. For some ladies, this beginnings around the 6th or eighth week after origination. This pee is doubtlessly because of hormonal levels.
  • Constipation-During preg-nancy, more significant levels of the hormone progesterone cause blockage. Progesterone makes nourishment go all the more gradually through the digestion tracts.
  • Mood swings-These are normal, particularly during the principal trimester. These are identified with hormonal changes.
  • Headaches and back torment Many pregnant ladies report visit mellow cerebral pains or experience back agony.
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