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lactation education resources

“Lactation Education Resource” is a comprehensive website devoted to infants, mothers/dieters, lactation consultants, lactation consultants, professionals, and lactation Educators. Lactation Education Resource was developed to provide comprehensive information on various aspects related to lactation. It also offers free tips and advice by leading lactation educators across the globe. The website has a wide range of articles and other resources for lactation-related issues. As a member of IBLCE (International Breastfeeding Committee), it is an official website of the IBLCD (Institute of Clinical Medicine and Research).

“Lactation Education Resource” provides comprehensive online lactation education resources. Our main goal is to provide professional and expert advice in breastfeeding support, infant and lactation nutrition, lactation sciences, lactation management training, and research studies. We provide expert advice for mothers/dieters, professionals, researchers, lactation consultants, and educational institutions. We are also a great source of information for professionals like medical professionals, breastfeeding support groups, breastfeeding education programs, etc. We provide free tips and information by leading lactation educators around the world.

Lactation Education Resources

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Lactation Education Resources help parents/dieters in choosing a suitable diet for their babies. Educational material is provided by leading lactation consultants. In addition, we provide free information and educational activities on a variety of subjects related to diet, marketing strategies, promotional products, etc. Free brochures are also available from time to time. We also provide free breastfeeding education workshops and seminars, lactation counseling, baby showers, baby birthday parties, and so on.

Professional Lactation Consultants: These lactation education resources are provided by professional lactation consultants. These consultants are trained and experienced in all aspects related to lactation. They conduct training sessions to impart proper information on breastfeeding to the nursing and pregnancy professionals. They also conduct special classes on breastfeeding mother education to help new moms in dealing with various issues related to breastfeeding.

Professional Lactation Consultant: This professional lactation consultant is a registered nurse with a specialization in neonatology and intensive care, specializing in neonatal and postnatal intensive care units. A licensed practical nurse (LPN) with a specialization in neonatology is an additional option for the consultant. The clinical nurse undergoes training in providing basic assistance to lactating mothers. After the completion of the clinical internship, a consultant becomes a registered nurse (RN).

A Much Ado

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Lactation Education Resources (LECs): This is a specialized area of nursing education. This is a program developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to train and educate the nurses on lactation management. It aims at promoting breastfeeding and lactation awareness to the general nursing community. LECs provide the knowledge and necessary certification to provide comprehensive and practical Lactation Education Resources. A part of the program includes a detailed study of maternal and infant health, an introduction to the principles of hypoallergenic infant nutrition, lactation evaluation, and a summary of the concepts of newborn care.

Infant and Mother Education Resources (IMRs): This is a comprehensive handbook on lactation. It contains several hundred illustrations, discussions, and references that illustrate key aspects related to lactation, infant care, mother’s health, and delivery. It includes the complete texts of the International encyclopedia of healthcare, International Pediatric Nursing Association, World Health Organization, Red Cross manual on childcare, and other related medical publications. The resources on this website are meant to enhance the knowledge and skills of nurses on lactation education, infant care, and the mother’s health.

Final Words

These are just some of the many lactation education resources that are available in various languages and offered by various institutions and organizations all over the world. Most of these are free of cost; some are available at a little extra cost. You can use these resources anytime you want. By using these resources, you can enrich your knowledge and improve your skills in lactation management.

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