Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

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Can be used from the beginning and after pregnancy
Can be applied to the abdomen, legs, chest, buttocks, etc.
Improve skin elasticity to lighten and treat stretch marks
Main ingredients: Mango essence, glycerin, Centella Asiatica root extract
Net weight: 40 g
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1 x Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

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Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

Get rid of the stretch marks right after birth with the Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream. The cream enhances skin elasticity to improve fading of stretch marks. Suitable for all skin types even for the sensitive ones.

Effective to Use

Sudden weight gain due to pregnancy is the primary cause of having stretch marks. You might not be able to get rid of the marks completely, but you can lighten it until its almost invisible to the skin. This cream will help the skin improve the skin elasticity help lighten the dark marks. And you can use this already from the beginning of pregnancy until after birth.

Made of Safe Ingredients

This cream is very safe t use because it mainly contains mango essence and a variety of plant nutrition ingredients. It is effortless to apply and very lightweight on the skin. Once applied, the cream gets easily absorbed by the skin which makes a treatment to achieve faster and more effective. You can use this anytime you like, and it does not feel sticky at all. It leaves the skin smooth and moisturizing.


Abdomen. It is the most typical part of the body to have stretch marks. Take a decent amount of the cream and apply in the gut. Make a circular motion until the whole belly is covered with the cream. Massage on the skin up to 4 minutes to make sure the skin absorbs the cream altogether.

Legs. You can also have stretch marks on the legs due to sudden weight gain. To prevent it or treat the affected area, put your palms on your knees with cream on it and push your knees to the inside of your thighs in 3 minutes.

Chest. Your breasts also get bigger because you even start to produce milk for the baby. With its abrupt change, it can cause the formation of stretch marks. You can also use this cream to lighten the imperfections. Massage the cream from the underside of your breasts going to the collarbone for 3 minutes.

Buttocks. Whether fro pregnancy or obesity, this cream can help treat your stretch marks. Apply the cream from your hand from the side of your hips going inside and out. Massage the area for 3 minutes for complete absorption.


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