Pregnancy Pillow

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Pregnancy Pillow
Body Pillow that helps decompress the lower spine to aid in relieving back pain
The body pillow can be used by anyone, anytime, not only during pregnancy
Designed to target compression on the lower spine
Perfect for those pregnant women who sleep better on their stomachs


Pregnancy Pillow-Best Pregnancy Accessory

The Pregnancy Pillow is a maternity body pillow that enables you to lie on your stomach during pregnancy while it aids to relieve lower back pain. Designed to aid in the relief of low back pain and compression, such as those that pregnant women often experience, making it the perfect pregnancy pillow. It aids in decompressing the spine and relieve pressure and lower back pain.

Pregnancy Pillow-Pain Management Tool

The Pregnancy Pillow is a great pain management tool for chronic back pain and herniated disks. Using an electric air pump, you can have your body pillow up in only a few minutes, once deflated, it can be neatly rolled up and stored in the carry bag for easy storage and ports. A great support tool for pregnancy, and with the perfect pillow for pregnant women you also get your much-needed rest while sleeping on your belly. This product can aid in relieving lower back pain often experienced with pregnancy but is not made only for pregnant women, if you suffer from chronic lower it is the perfect body pillow.

Pain Management Accessory for Anyone

Reviewed and tested by OB/GYN’S & Chiropractors, it is recommended to anyone that suffers from lower back pain and works by relieving the pressure to that area.


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