Presumptive Signs Of Pregnancy That You Must Know - Presumptive Signs Of Pregnancy That You Must Know -

Presumptive Signs Of Pregnancy That You Must Know

presumptive signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important times in a woman’s life and it is very essential for a woman to understand whether she is actually pregnant. There are some signs that a woman must look out for to know that she is carrying a baby. These signs can be spotted easily and after analysing the signs you can take a pregnancy test to know more. This will help you understand your body better and you can also give the good news to your family members.

If you are thinking about the signs that you must look out for then here are the signs that you must know about. These are the presumptive signs of pregnancy and occur if you are pregnant but some of these signs can occur due to some other reasons as well. Some of these symptoms are the same as PMS so it becomes a tricky idea to guess whether it is pregnancy or not. This means that these signs do not confirm the pregnancy and are just some simple pointers that many point out towards a possible pregnancy.


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This is one of the most common signs of pregnancy and you must know about it. If you are feeling nauseous without any reason then you might be pregnant. But nausea can occur due to other reasons as well so it is not a sure way to know that you are pregnant or not. So you must know that you have to take a test to make sure that you are actually pregnant. You can take some medication to stop feeling this way but only if the doctor gives you the prescription. This is one of the best pointers of pregnancy and is the most common one as well.



After 12 weeks, you might feel a little fatigued but this is not one of the surest ways to know about a pregnancy. There are many other reasons for feeling fatigue and one might be that you are just tired and you need some rest. You will feel that you are not wanting to get up and get through the day. You have to consult a doctor as this condition might mean that there is something else wrong with your body so you should get yourself checked out.


This is the most common pointer of a pregnancy and it is the time when you miss a period. It means that you might be pregnant and it is one of the most obvious signs if you have had unprotected sex. Also, it can be caused by conditions like malnutrition and menopause so you have to talk to a doctor and get a test so that you know the truth.


These are the presumptive signs of a pregnancy that you cannot ignore and you must see a doctor if you experience any of these. Also, these point out to other things that can be wrong with your body so you must contact the doctor and schedule an appointment for yourself and go there and get a test done to determine what is wrong with you and whether you are actually pregnant or not.

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