Pregnancy Stages: Week By Week

Pregnancy Stages: Week By Week

It is a fantastic experience for a pregnant woman that someone’s life is developing inside her body, even though she may not always feel her good at various points along the way. However, pregnancy can be diverse from person to person, and also for the one woman from one pregnancy to the next.

Many symptoms of pregnancy last for many months or weeks, while others don’t affect all women or discomforts are temporary. The gynecologist said that pregnancy is a ten-month journey. Moreover, a healthy pregnancy starts from the last day of the menstrual period. Pregnancy stages are categorized into three trimesters.

Pregnancy Stages: Week By Week

Pregnancy Stages: Week By Week

Throughout each trimester, changes occur in a body of women and the developing fetus, and an explanation of these changes will be described below.


First Trimester (2-12 Weeks):

At the time of the first trimester, a woman will experience plenty of symptoms as she adjusts to the hormonal changes of pregnancy. A first trimester comes under the category of early weeks, and the pregnancy may not be viewing much on her outside body, but inside, lots of changes are taking place.

For instance, when conception occurs in the body of women, human chronic gonadotrophin will also be present in the blood of women. An HGC can be determined in woman’s urine when she has a missed period.

During the first trimester, a woman will also feel sleepy and tired than regular days, symptoms that connected with increasing levels of the progesterone, which raises tiredness and sleepiness. Furthermore, in the beginning, breasts of women will feel more swollen and tender.


Second Trimester (13-27):

When the second trimester starts, most of the effects of the first trimester may disappear or lessen as a body of woman adjusts to its hormone levels. Energy levels may improve, and sleeping may get more comfortable and faster.

Vomiting and nausea usually go away and get better, said by a gynecologist. But other symptoms may up as the fetus continues its development and growth. Moreover, the fetus is getting more extensive, and a woman is gaining more weight. She may also face more muscles and back pain. However, at this point, a woman is generally feeling functional and pretty.

Pregnancy Stages: Week By Week

Pregnancy Stages: Week By Week


Third Trimester (28-40 Weeks)-Pregnancy Stages:

In this trimester, a woman’s vital muscle involved in breathing, and that’s why she may feel a lack of breath. It happens because the lings have no more room to expand. Her feet, ankles, and fingers may swell when her blood circulation slows.

During the third trimester, more pressure will be placed on her bladder. Therefore she needs to pee more than regular. Furthermore, she may also have more pain in the pelvis and hips and more backaches. As these joints rest in preparation for delivery. Dark patches of skin may also occur on her face and stretch marks may appear on her thighs, breasts, and tummy. In the final weeks of pregnancy, a woman will be unable to find a comfortable sleeping position.

As delivery approaches, some women feel like they can’t handle pregnancy, while others love the experience of being pregnant.









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