Know What To Expect With Various Shapes Of Pregnant Belly

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Being a mother is all about exploring a new side of yourself that never existed. Pregnancy results in a pregnant belly, and that too comes with many phases known as trimesters. Maintaining proper health during pregnancy should be the priority of the mother and family. 

The best way is to have proper family planning. It will ensure the security of you and your baby’s health. We know that being pregnant and roaming around with a pregnant belly is not an easy thing. Mothers experience emotions, mood swings that are the main causes of their behavior. But, what we think is that you should be more aware of what your pregnant belly indicates and how to know the phases have changed.

Know About All The Phases Of A Pregnant Belly

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Pregnant Belly – The First Phase 

The first phase -also known as the first trimester. This is the time where you will feel that you are pregnant. Now, you will feel you are not showing yet, but still, some symptoms will let you know that you have a companion inside you. You can expect your doctor to check the weight and size of your uterus. Your clothes cab may become tighter than before. 

Also, your pregnant belly can become a come-and-go belly. Wondering how? Well, it is possible that due to constipation and excess gas, it may happen.

Pregnant Belly – The Second Phase 

The second trimester – the most comfortable period for pregnant women. The very symptoms of throwing up and feeling low will leave, and you can also buy your maternity clothes at this time. Your uterus will start to develop, and it will look like a basketball. Yes, basketball! Most of the mothers feel pain in the lower abdomen as it is adjusting to the size of the uterus. In this trimester, you will also know the gender of the baby. 

Pregnant Belly -the Third Phase 

The last trimester – know that in this trimester, your baby grows more and more. Your excitement and anxiety are at their peak like your pregnant belly. Your pregnant belly will stretch up to its level, and there will come a time when there will be no room for the baby, and you know what your baby will do? He/ she will start pushing against your lungs and bladder. Mothers can experience shortness of breath and frequent visits to the bathroom. 


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Maintaining good health is what we can call important during pregnancy rather than knowing your pregnant belly’s shapes and sizes. Many risks come with pregnancy, but we are always here to protect you and to guide you through it all. The most important thing that you should consider is to use a stretch marks prevention cream to avoid future marks.

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