Know If You Are Pregnant With These 1 2 Weeks Pregnancy Signs

1 2 weeks pregnancy signs

Being a mother is quite a difficult task as one has to fulfill other responsibilities too. However, the courage that God has given to mothers makes them the most vital person, and the Mothers Day celebration shows the respect each mother deserves. Talking of the pregnancy stage, it is one such experience every woman wishes to go through. Not only these women get intuition beforehand, which varies with hormones. From being pregnant to giving birth to a baby a woman goes through many phases, some being light and hard. At times there are neutral phases too.

Symptoms and signs can make one conclude what can see noticeable effects, and one can make out the areas they need to work. Instead of performing any challenging task, one should perform light activities and take a good amount of vitamins and minerals. They should satisfy all their cravings and should enjoy each phase of their pregnancy.

There are so many signs and symptoms through which one may guess whether they are pregnant or not.

Few signs are discussed below-

Just Feeling Pregnant

a pregnant girl sitting

During the first pregnancy, one gets a sudden feeling that connects to the egg. This happens during early pregnancy, and the symptoms prove it so. Most women gain an intuition that they are pregnant which is the best feeling a woman experiences.

Apart from this, there is a rare case that any intuition like this goes wrong. You may notice tiredness, mood swings, or light-headedness. You may even experience lower back pain or a bit stiffy. It’s always advisable to consult a doctor before taking further steps.


a pregnant girl sitting

Fatigue is a situation when the person feels lazy and lightheaded. This symptom is prevalent in every woman during the early weeks of pregnancy. This happens because the progesterone hormone levels soar up, and at times high enough doses can put you to sleep. So this is some noticeable effect, and blood sugar level and blood pressure are lowered during this time. During the first few weeks, women get good sleep of around 7 hours, but the time starts reducing after four months.

Stuffy Nose

This is a common sign that is visible during the early weeks of pregnancy. It is usually called blocked sinus and occurs when there is an increase in estrogen levels, making the sinus passages swell and produce more mucus. Before any assumption, you must consult any doctor for better pieces of advice.

Food Aversions Or Cravings

This symptom is common in all pregnancy stages. You must be craving all spicy foods simultaneously, and at the other end, you feel like eating something sweet.

A few women even crave to have some fried food with coffee. Too much caffeine is not advisable by the doctors, so one should try avoiding even drinks and smoke. Hormonal changes become too dramatic that you feel like a foodie. So it’s normal if you are facing mood swings and having some cravings. Take fewer supplements and more fruits and vegetables. The raw you eat, the healthier you will be.


These were a few noticeable signs during the early weeks of pregnancy. The symptoms and signs vary in each woman according to the hormones, so it’s all a natural process. If one feels so, they should better consult a doctor at once to get the best possible advice.

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