How To Deal With Morning Sickness

Feeling nauseous is one of the early signs of pregnancy, but it can go on up to the second trimester. Though the time and intensity of morning sickness vary from woman to woman, almost everyone has to go through it. Morning sickness can make the pregnancy journey pretty difficult. While there is not much that you can do about it, you can surely follow some of these tips to make yourself feel better.

How To Cope With Morning Sickness


Are you also sick and tired of getting up every day with a heavy head and nausea? Do you need some effective remedies? Well, there are some useful tips given by experts that might work for you.

Try To Eat Little But Often

An empty stomach can make things worse for you. Not eating properly can lead to high acidity levels in your body. This is why it is advisable to eat small portions of food every few hours. It will help keep your sugar and cholesterol levels in check. However, this does not imply that you should be overeating. Eating almost every single hour may affect you and your baby badly.

Always Eat Protein-Rich Food

Make sure that you are regularly eating and eating the right kind of foods. Protein-rich foods are the best while you are pregnant. Eat simple food items that are rich in vitamin B as well. Try to avoid starchy, fried, or fatty foods since they can be unhealthy for you and your unborn child. This can also trigger nausea which leads to morning sickness. So you should try to avoid junk food at any cost.

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Cold Meals Can Be Better Than The Hot Ones

Since hot meals are more fragrant, the smell can trigger your nausea. It is better to go for cold meals during pregnancy if you are suffering from severe morning sickness. Cooking can sometimes trigger it as well.

Maintain A Morning Sickness Diary

Try to maintain a diary where you list down what can trigger your morning sickness. Listing down food items which can cause trouble for you will help you in avoiding them. List down the food which helps you recover from morning sickness as well. It is also ideal to indicate the time when you feel sick and the time when you feel that it is okay for you to eat.

Drink Water Between Meals

Drinking ample amount of water between meals will surely help in reducing the symptoms. However, some women feel more nauseous when they drink more liquids. Thus, it is up to you to decide what and how much to drink. Drinking fluids may help you stay hydrated as well.

Rest Is Important

Rest is really important when it comes to dealing with the discomforts of pregnancy. Having enough rest will not only work as a solution to fight fatigue but it will also reduce the chances of morning sickness.

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Ginger Tea For Morning Sickness

Ginger, when used in moderation, is recommended to help women with their morning sickness. You can consume it as a ginger tea, ginger syrup, or even tablets. However, it is best to consult your doctor first before you take anything. This will ensure the safety of your baby as well as yourself.

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