Following are some tips to Prepare for breast feeding

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Breastfeeding is a personal matter that must be considered and decided upon before a baby is born. Many experts recommend that you only breastfeed your baby for 6 months. This is because breast milk contains everything a baby needs to grow into a strong, healthy baby. Has the ideal combination of proteins, vitamins and fats.
Babies who are breastfed only for the first six months of life can benefit from the antibodies in their milk to fight viruses and bacteria that can infect them. It also reduces the risk of developing ear infections, diarrhea, and respiratory illnesses. Breast milk contains nutrients and antibodies that are specific to the age of NICU babies up to the age of eight.

Be Natural

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Children born naturally with the least medical intervention have a higher chance of successful breastfeeding, and babies born with the most medical support have a lower success rate of breastfeeding. But not everything is lost. With help and support, mothers can successfully breastfeed, regardless of the type of birth. With many exceptions, natural childbirth increases the chances of breastfeeding success.

Stock up on equipment 

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Breastfeeding requires a bra, sanitary napkin, and comfortable clothing. These are the strict requirements of breastfeeding. You should also consider investing in a good breastfeeding pillow as it can relieve the physical pain that your mother feels during breastfeeding and increase your breastfeeding position. 

Prepare a space for a nursery 

Create a comfortable space in your home where you can breastfeed. You can add a comfortable chair or give your baby a seat while they breastfeed. Add pillows to make room for things that need to be cleaned. You can also memorize some books that you can read in the field. Also, since you need to absorb your calories from healthy foods while breastfeeding, you need to set aside a corner of the room to store snacks like nuts and fruit. .

Notify the health care team 

You must tell the health care team in advance that you do not want your baby to drink anything other than breast milk. Ask your baby to be in the same room as you so you can breastfeed whenever he or she is hungry. Also talk about taking care of your kangaroo mother. Caring for the mother kangaroo and skin-to-skin contact with her baby benefits the baby. It helps the baby’s physiological and physical development and helps facilitate the initiation of breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding is the best choice for promoting the developmental outcomes of healthier babies. Babies need the nutritional health produced by breast milk. Breast milk helps babies develop the antibodies they need to fight infection / disease. We hope you have liked this article you got all the necessary information which you were wanted. Thank you1

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