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Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Early Signs of Pregnancy

But by experiencing at least one of the following early signs of pregnancy before your period even arrives, it can mean that you’ve hit gold: Tender breasts. They may be more prominent than usual, especially if you’ve breast-fed.

Morning Sickness

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Morning sickness is a universal sign of pregnancy that many women share. You may experience nausea and vomiting at night, especially if your hormone levels are all zeroes. Unfortunately, morning sickness doesn’t always go away on its own; in fact, sometimes it may even get worse!

Mood Swings

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Mood swings are another common sign that a woman is pregnant and are usually most frequent in the first trimester. However, as the pregnancy progresses, the mood swings tend to become less pronounced, and eventually diminish altogether. Moods swings are often triggered by particular smells (such as food or perfume) and can also be caused by hormonal changes.

Missed Menstrual Period

This is an especially strong early pregnancy symptom that can be hard to ignore. If you’ve missed your monthly period for more than a week, this is a very strong sign that you might be pregnant. But don’t just assume that this means you’re pregnant: in most cases, a missed period is caused by either stress illness, or delayed birth, which can all affect a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Morning sickness and exhaustion are two of the most obvious early signs of pregnancy, but other symptoms are equally important and should not be ignored. These include a change in bowel habits, a shorter than normal toilet urge, increased muscle spasms, and frequent urination. All of these symptoms can be caused by many different factors, and it’s important to rule out any serious complications such as ectopic pregnancy before attempting a pregnancy test. These symptoms can also be caused by some symptoms of pregnancy, such as a missed period or bloating.

Low Basal Body Temperature. Although it is unlikely that low basal body temperature will help you conceive, it does indicate that you may be fertile and may be able to carry to term. This is because the temperature of the basal body temperature rises slightly during ovulation and decreases slightly after the ovulation period, which is the period in which an egg is capable of being fertilized.

Spotting Of Implantation Bleeding

If you have been trying to get pregnant and have not conceived after one full year of unprotected intercourse, it may be that you have had unprotected intercourse and not noticed any signs of implantation bleeding. The spotting occurs when the egg implants itself into the uterus lining and this usually happens three to twelve days after conception. Although implantation bleeding is sometimes present with natural pregnancy, it rarely occurs after implantation.

Cravings for Chocolate or Other Fruits. You may notice that you have cravings for particular types of chocolate or other fruits when you are about to become pregnant. Some women who are preparing to become pregnant may feel a sudden desire for chocolate, ice cream, or other foods which they normally find enjoyable during pregnancy. While these cravings can be exciting, if you have a positive sign that you may become pregnant, you should avoid consuming these foods.

Last Words

Fatigue. Many women experience a noticeable lack of energy after the first two weeks of pregnancy. This fatigue is sometimes described as being like being overworked or having too much to do, but it is actually very common among pregnant women. It is common for women who have missed many menstrual cycles to feel tired, as this is the case during early pregnancy symptoms.

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