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Diarrhea Pregnancy Signs – How To Stay Careful During This Period

Diarrhea Pregnancy Signs

Stomach and digestive issues are common during pregnancy, and you may have heard not about constipation and morning sickness. However, diarrhea is also a problem that pregnant ladies face, and this gastrointestinal issue does not get much attention, and pregnant women get scared about it when they face it. The hormonal changes during conception can cause a lot of stomach issues apart from fatigue and nausea being common symptoms of early pregnancy. Here are some diarrhea pregnancy signs and tips on how to deal with it.

Diarrhea Pregnancy Signs

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These diarrhea pregnancy signs will happen when you have bowel movements without consistency compared to the regular movements. You might find bloating and cramping, and extensive stomach pain.

You might also find loose bowel movements and find yourself running to the bathroom two or more times within 24 hours. In such cases, make sure to hydrate your body and watch your diet.

Diarrhea Pregnancy Signs – When Should You Consult A Doctor

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Not every time should we panic when we are having the impact of hormonal changes in our body. It is apparent that pregnancy can bring quite the changes. This diarrhea problem happens when there are body changes that are not under your control, but it can also contribute to poor diet and lack of prenatal vitamins. Sometimes, you might be facing this problem due to illness, food poisoning, taking medications without prescriptions, or traveling. 

If you are confused about calling the doctor right now, here are some tips you can follow.

If diarrhea lasts more than one day or two when you are pregnant, you should be consulting a doctor. Likewise, if you have consistent symptoms like fever and vomiting, which might be common during pregnancy, you can have a consultation to be sure.

Suppose you have contractions, signs of dehydration, or don’t find the baby moving like before, pain in your lower abdomen. In that case, you should be consulting the doctor without wasting any moment.

Food And Digestion

The food cravings occur due to the to-be-moms’ hormonal changes in the first trimester of the pregnancy period. Pregnant women do not crave food after that. There are healthy as well as satisfying ways to cope with these food cravings. It’s hard to overcome food cravings, but pregnant women can maintain a healthy diet with some effort. If the cravings are for unhealthy foods, try replacing them with much healthier and similar tastes. For instance, ice-cream with yogurt, add more cheese to the meat fries than eating cheese fries, chips with salted nuts, and fruit cake with fresh fruits. It would be healthy for both the baby and the mother and satisfy the craving as well.


With diarrhea as our problem here, we should keep it clean to ensure we do not provide space for the bacteria and the colon to travel to the urinary tract and cause an infection. Some women might face constipation during pregnancy or when they are inching closer to delivery. Either way, it is important to keep your diet properly and keep yourself hydrated during this period.

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