Comfortably Helps Elevate Your Legs Above to Reduce Pain and Comfortable’s Night Sleep! Check This!

Are you using the regular pillow for your back and knees pain? Then you are treating your pain in the most wrong way. Special pain needs special treatment. Your standard pillow doesn’t provide your support and you can’t rest your body comfortably. You need the best wedge leg pillow. 

Our inflatable edge leg pillow is quite convenient to use. You don’t need any knowledge of rocket science for using it. This pillow is inflatable and has two-valve. The upper valve is used for inflating the pillow, and the lower valve is used for deflating the pillow. 

You can use it under your legs, and it will improve blood circulation in the upper body. You can also make use of it as a pillow while sitting on your bed; also, you can lay on this pillow. This gives perfect posture to your back while sitting. The size of the pillow is 10 x 20 x 16 in, and the weight is 0.5 kg. This lightweight pillow is easily portable. The material of the pillow is quite comfortable.   

This is a must-have product, especially when you are working directly from your home.       


Use: Body

Thread Count: 100TC

Pattern Type: Solid 

Filling: Microfiber 

Feature: Inflatable 

Fabric Count: 20 

Part: Leg

Set Type: No

Grade: Qualified 

Model Number: HS223896

Shape: Rectangle 

Weight: 0-0.5 Kg

Package Included: Inflatable Leg Pillow 

Material: PVC 

Color: Blue 

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  • It won’t need much space as this pillow is easily inflatable. 
  • The weight of the pillow is less than 1 kg.
  • It comes in two different colors, blue and brown. 
  • It relaxes your back and knees and improves the blood in your body.
  • You can have a peaceful sleep with this pillow. And gives proper rest to your knees and pains.  
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  • You need to inflate it properly and then deflate it when not in use. Which is a bit hectic when you need it urgently. 
  • You need to keep it safe as a single cut on the pillow, and it will be of no use.  


Now say goodbye to all the unnecessary pains. No hard-covered foam is used in this pillow. Rather it has microfiber filling in it. Buy this comfortable and high-quality inflatable leg pillow. Your legs and foot will pair well with this wedge leg pillow. The triangle shape of the pillow will help in keeping your body elevated. Don’t think much and purchase this pillow at affordable prices.    

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