Breastfeeding Tips For First Time Moms – Learn These Best Of Tips

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If you are a new mum, you would know the theory you have about doing things that are related to your child. Let us start with breastfeeding. While people think it is a simple fact that every mother is supposed to know without anyone helping her learn, new mothers, know the number of doubt they have that needs to be cleared. Breastfeeding has turned you to the internet for quick resources. So let’s not waste time and look at some tips for the same.

Breast Feeding Tips For New Mothers – The Latch

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For some mothers, the baby is attached to the breast at the start itself, but for others, it takes a little practice and patience. Some tips to do this right are like getting comfortable where you are sitting. Make sure the baby is up to nipple height and guide them to it. Bring the baby to the breast instead of leaning towards it, which can cause neck and back pain. There is a pattern of the suck-swallow-breathe when the baby is suckling. If they don’t get a good latch, then gently remove your breast out and try again.

You can look for signs for your success. For example, when the baby successfully latches itself onto your breast, you will feel a gentle pulling sensation, rather than a pinching or biting sensation on your nipple. After feeding, your breasts might feel empty or soft. They will be steady weight gain in your baby, producing at least six wet diapers a day, and they will be content, too!

Breast Feeding Tips For New Mothers – Full-Time Job

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Newborns need breastfeeding every two to three hours at the start, and each time, it can take a while. It can take between 20 to 45 minutes for each feed. Having your sleep in your room can help a lot. It makes feeding easier. Sometimes breastfeeding is hard than expected, so do not get discouraged. It is tiring to feed newborns every few hours. But the more you breastfeed, the more milk your breasts will produce. You can contact your baby’s doctor or a lactation consultant if you need help, especially if the baby isn’t gaining weight or the feeding is painful.

Breast Feeding Tips For New Mothers – Some More Facts

Finding the correct position to breastfeed is necessary. You can either lay on your back, cradle the baby in your lap while elevating their head to nipple level, or lying on your side with you facing your baby. You need to look after your health and eat well for your baby. You need to eat a balanced diet, drink a lot of water, keep taking prenatal vitamins till you are breastfeeding, and incorporate healthy fats into your diet. And most of all, be patient while breastfeeding. You both must be relaxed during the process. If you are frustrated or angry, then stop for some time and then try again. 


Nursing can have its ups and downs as it doesn’t always come naturally and easily. Especially in the beginning. But knowing what to expect is winning half the battle.

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