Books For 2 Yearolds – Board Books With Illustrations

books for 2 year olds

Here’s a short list of good books for 2-year-olds that you might find interesting. This list of books have both been sent to me as personal recommendations and are one of the reasons I continue to write blog articles about reading to children. While you’re at it, take a quick read of this article on how reading to children becomes an important part of forming your child’s character development. After all if we don’t help our young ones develop a positive reading habit when they are young, they will be limited to a short list of acceptable activities and will most likely end up being sheltered from reading in their formative years. Read on for some fun and helpful books for 2-year-olds that can keep the kids engaged in their favourite read-alouds.

o Elephant Books. Kids love elephants and these books have a lot of engaging stories and pictures that kids will really enjoy. My two-year-old daughter has a particular fondness for the “Lion” series by Jill Vanderwood. In particular she adores the “Coco” series where the lovable lion makes guest appearances at the family’s home. She’s also big fan of the “Tiger” books, which is another fun set of elephants.

An Overview

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o Board Books. Board books are also very popular with children and provide lots of bright and exciting images for them to colour. They are perfect for introducing new vocabulary to children as pictures on the board convey different meanings and phrases much more easily than words on the page. The “Band” series by Jo Designs is also a favourite among my two-year-old daughter. She has just loves these colourful pictures on the board and she wants them to stay in her bookshelf and she even has a t-shirt printed with a few of her favourite images.

o Illustrations. Illustrations or sketching helps stimulate the imagination and encourage children to learn new words and phrases. “Big Baby” by Jo Designs features a series of beautifully illustrated baby nursery rhymes in lots of bright colours. This lovely book tells the story of a baby who is so full of life that he can actually fly.

Buying Books for Toddlers

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o Colourful Scrapbook Pages. If you’re looking for something new and interesting for your two-year-old, why not look at some scrapbook pages filled with bright, colorful pictures? Illustrations work well in scrapbooks for babies as they grab the reader’s eye and pull them out of their print. I especially love “Big Baby” because it’s so colorful and the pictures are such big and bold. My two-year-old absolutely loves the baby’s booties and her shoes.

o Board Book Illustrations. Many parents want to find a way to help their baby learn new vocabulary and phrases without spending a lot of money on expensive classes. That’s why it’s a great idea to buy a board book filled with pictures that teach various lessons. You can pull out a board book when you need a quick, easy way to learn new words or create an interactive activity where your child can color in the picture or write a phrase with a pen. I love “The Big Baby” because it has a cute baby boy in a pink fur coat accompanied by a number of other animals. The illustrations pull the reader in and the words come out clearly.

o Board Book Collapsible Verses. Another great idea is to buy board books that have small illustrations or even photographs of various cute little animals. These illustrations can be put into a pocket where your child can put them and then when they’re done they can be turned into a lovely, colorful board book that your child will love. “My Little Pony”, “The Little Bo Peep” and “Goodnight, Moon” are just a few examples of this type of book.

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