Best Parenting Books Discipline And Apps – Learn The Right Tricks Of Parenting

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Becoming a first-time parent is an exciting journey and in the same journey, you will have a lot of doubts about raising the baby and teaching then discipline as they grow. You might have seen a lot of toddlers not being ready to listen to a single word their parents say and the case is the same in both public and private places. The same issue of “what would I do” can be expected when you are raising a baby with all the new activities of breastfeeding and diaper changing you might go through. In this article, we have discussed some best parenting books discipline, and some applications to help you with your baby racing task.

Best Parenting Books Discipline

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We have one of the smartest books named “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids” by Dr. Laura. This book helps you to learn to stop yelling and start connecting with the children. The next book is by Lawrence J Cohen on playful parenting. You can also check out unconditional parenting book by Alfie Kohn. All of these books are focused on helping you raise a toddler, especially from the discipline perspective.

Best Parenting Apps

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With the use of the Cloud Baby Monitor app, you can convert your phone into your baby monitor. You can see your baby anytime from anywhere. It also provides clear audio and video of your baby so that you can feel like a child is sleeping next to you and you can do your work with no worries of your child. The great feature it has is that it also provides you noise and motion alerts and it can play white noises and lullabies for your baby.

Baby Feeding Log is the best app for you to remember when you gave feeding to your baby last. After the birth of the baby, you are sleepy and maybe you didn’t remember when you feed your baby last time. This app will remember it for you. This app also provides a calculation of how much water you feed to your baby and also you can enter the diaper change time and sleep time of your baby.

Your child is bored because of eating the same things daily but you are conscious about making them eat junk food from restaurants. Yummly app will solve your problem and now you will have lots and lots of items for your children to make. You can find the best recipes on this app also, this app will show you step by step guide for preparing food. You can personalize your test in-app and it will show food recipes according to your taste. You can enter things that you have and this app will show you what you can make out of it.


It is always interesting to raise a baby if you know the right Strategies and remember yelling is not a good parenting technique and when you start doing it in the early stages, you will keep doing it through the toddler stage and it won’t help your mental health at all nor will it give you the results you are expecting.

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