Best Baby Socks For New-Born And Toddler’s Feet

The vanishing best baby socks are a nightmare for every parent. It is always important to cover baby’s feet as it tends to get colder. If the sock does not fit properly, babies can kick them off quickly. Even though babies don’t move around much, finding the socks that stay on their feet is essential. One needs to find a pair that has the right balance between too tight and loose. 

Best Baby Socks For New-Born And Toddler’s Feet

Features Of Best Baby Socks

Following are some essential features to look for before buying socks for babies:

  • Fitting: Elasticity is essential for improving the fit. An ideal sock should be flexible at the top. Also, it must hold its shape properly. A proper fitting sock will never leave a mark on the baby’s legs. It hugs their legs comfortably even if the legs are chubby.
  • Material: The baby’s sock material is also essential. It should comprise of soft, stretchy, comfortable, and high-quality content. The material should be breathable and must prevent sweating on the baby’s feet. Moreover, it should keep moisture away from the baby’s skin. The ideal materials are cotton and wool (merino or virgin). Other elements present in small quantities are spandex and nylon. The cotton and spandex mixture make the sock soft and stretchable.  

Some More Features

  • Size: it is essential to choose the correct size of socks. The dimensions of baby socks are not available in exact sizes. There is a range of size according to the age of the baby.
  • Non-skid: Some socks have anti-skid grip lines at the bottom. This prevents the sliding of the baby’s feet on hard surfaces. This property in stockings is essential at a growing stage of the baby. Also, it lets the baby take a positive first step while crawling or walking. 
Best Baby Socks For New-Born And Toddler’s Feet

A baby’s feet get colder quickly due to its small body. Also, they don’t move around much like adults. The heat from their body escapes from their feet and head. That’s why it becomes essential to cover their feet always. This is more important during cold seasons. 

Different Baby Socks For Different Age

  • Before the babies start moving, a sock that fits snugly on the feet is ideal. One does not require anti-skid or other properties. It should only be worn according to the season. 
  • Select the socks ideal for walking once the baby starts moving around. Go for the one with an anti-slip feature on the bottom. This prevents babies from slipping or sliding. This also helps them to learn to balance and walking well. Also, it becomes easier for them to move around in walkers and other similar toys. 


It is highly advisable to keep lots of baby sock. One can never have too many socks. Keep updating the sock drawer according to seasons. Keep thick socks for winter, and this will keep the baby’s feet warm and cozy. Also, stock up thinner ones for spring and summer. These thin ones will keep the baby’s feet comfortable and moisture-free. Moreover, always have socks with a proper grip when the baby is on the go. 

Best Baby Socks For New-Born And Toddler’s Feet
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