Learn The Uses Of Baby Foot Socks

Baby foot socks are an important part of a baby’s wardrobe. These not only complete their attire but also keep their feet warm and protected. While baby shoes are not that important if they have not yet started walking yet, but baby socks are very important.

Uses Of Baby Foot Socks

  • Babies are not able to regulate their body temperatures as well as adults. They need to develop a proper circulation that heats their toes from inside at the same rate as they radiate heat to the outside. When the temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius, you need to keep the baby’s feet protected.
  • Chilly feet can be very dangerous to the baby’s health. Viruses and other infections easily find a way into a body when the body’s core temperature is lower than usual. Baby foot socks can regulate the body’s temperature and make it warm from inside.
  • If the baby’s feet are covered, you can let it crawl on the floor without worrying about the dirt and dust. You will also not have to worry about dirty surfaces that may cause infection on the otherwise soft and delicate baby skin.
  • When it is warm or hot, you should not make them wear baby foot socks, as it will not only cause their bodies to be extra warm but also make them uncomfortable and cranky. Moreover, babies’ feet should be left uncovered and bare when it is warm because they get to grab and feel things better just like with their hands. Furthermore, it is also better to let them learn how to walk bare feet.

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5 Pair/Lot Baby Foot Socks

These are pairs of thick baby foot socks for autumn and winter. These will protect the baby from cold. The socks are also the perfect birthday gift for babies. These are available in various colors such as blue, dark blue, blue star, dark pink, khaki star, khaki, gray, green, pink, purple, red star and yellow. You also get them in various sizes starting from 0-4 months for foot length 7 – 9 cm, for 5-12 months for foot length 9 – 12 cm and 1-3 years old for foot length 12-14 cm. These socks are made from cotton fabric. You get five pairs of baby foot socks in one package. So hurry up and place your online orders today!

Newborn Baby Booties

These are cute little unisex newborn baby shoe socks. These are perfect for birthday gifts and christening gifts. These protect the baby’s feet from cold and insect bites. You can get these booties in various colors like Black, Dark Grey, Flannel Grey, Flannel Grey Orange, Flannel Grey Pink, Fluff Black, Fluff Dark Grey, Fluff Brown, FluffGrey White, Fluff Light Grey, Fluff Pink, Fluff Red, Fluff White, Grey, Pink, Pink Grey, Star Blue, Star Pink, Star Grey, Star White, Stripe Black, Stripe Dark Grey, Stripe khaki, Stripe Light Grey, Stripe pink, Stripe Sky-blue, and White. These booties are made of soft cotton fabrics for anti-slip protection and added comfort.

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