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Authoritative Parenting Books – Different Parenting Styles Essay

authoritative parenting books

There are many parenting books on the market today that outline the basics of authoritative parenting. The idea behind these books is that parents need to set limits on their children so that they can help them grow into responsible adults. An author, usually a mother, will write about her experiences as a parent in this style of parenting. She does this so that other parents can benefit from her experience.

By clearly outlining what they should not do and by giving consequences to your child, you will set up a clear framework by which to build your household. Authoritative Parenting Techniques. If you read many authoritative parenting books written by mothers, chances are you will see that their parenting techniques include some sort of authoritarian approach. An authoritarian parent would be the type who wants to control everything within the household.

Authoritative Parenting Books

An example of an authoritarian parent is the mother who says, “OK honey, you’re late to work again.” The same mother will say, “Hey honey, you have to put the milk away because my child spilled milk today.” Both of these examples are displaying authoritarian parenting techniques. The first mom is setting a standard by which other parents must adhere. The second mom is basically saying, “I’m going to get even with you every time you do this, so you better watch yourself.”

Another example is the author of a parenting style called Dora Baumrind. Dora has done research and found that children who are highly dependent and who are self independent grow up to be healthy, happy adults. Yet, the kids she writes about act like spoiled brat kids, and she tells parents like this to stop doing it. She also tells parents that the way she raised her kids was the proper way, and you should learn from their example.

Different Parenting Styles

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In her latest book Different Parenting Styles, Diana Brumrind gives advice on how to create a set of rules that your children can live by. However, she says that there are three different parenting styles that parents can adopt so that each of them can create their own unique set of rules that are suitable for their children. She calls them the authoritative parenting styles, the authoritative non-authoritative style, and the non-authoritative authoritative style.

One of the parenting styles essay that she wrote is about the authoritarian parent. The author says, “humanoid parents are the ones who are heavily involved, dominating, ordering, and reacting. They set firm but rigid rules and demand compliance. Those parents who avoid establishing absolute power are less authoritarian.” (Non-aningual parenting styles essay)

Ways To Handling Kids

The authoritative parenting books and the authoritative parenting style both have different ways of handling children. The authoritarian parent lays down his or her standards and will have little tolerance for the non-complying child. The author says that this is an undesirable way of parenting since the child may never get the chance to meet these standards. This is one of the reasons why it’s important that the parent set up clear rules and stick to them. It’s also important that they take the time to help their child get through difficult situations.


The parenting style that the author advocates is the non-authoritative parenting style. It says that when you become the authoritative parent, your child will be able to make up his or her own mind and do what is best even if it’s at his or her own expense. The author says that the problem with the authoritative parenting style is that it is not consistent and offers no guidance. It is also not fair to expect the child to live up to your expectations.

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