Attachment Parenting Books – Reviewing Jennifer Schneider

attachment parenting books

Attachment parenting has become the most popular choice for many parents. It’s also the most controversial. Some people strongly oppose it and believe that attachment parenting is damaging to a child’s development. There are very few books on attachment parenting that have been published recently, but one book in particular seems to have gained a following.

Jennifer Tratchenberg’s book, Connect, Communicate, and Parent is now available in print. This book provides parents with the information they need to know if they are planning on adopting an attachment style of parenting. The book is chock full of practical advice and even includes a few case studies of what not to do. Attachment parenting books always seem to be on a demand, however this one just seems to have taken off in the past year or so.

An Overview

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I found out about Jennifer Tratchenberg’s book through a recommendation. A mutual friend who is also a breastfeeding mother told me about the book. After doing some reading, I knew right then and there that I was going to buy this book. Jennifer’s expertise in this area is definitely worth the price, and the book does have a lot of good information. In fact, I would rate her book as top notch and one of the best books on attachment parenting you can get your hands on.

As I mentioned before, most of the information in this book is geared toward breastfeeding mothers. However, even non-breeders can benefit from some of the advice. For those who are not currently breastfeeding, but have children who are, these books will provide some much needed information on how to care for your child after birth, handling separation and adjustment, and dealing with temper tantrums and other behavior problems.

Attachment Parenting Books

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What I like about Connect, Communicate, and Parent is that the author gives lots of practical advice. There are chapters on breastfeeding, infant attachment parenting, and general parenting. The book contains so much practical information that I could not possibly tell you what I liked or did not like. The book also addresses many issues regarding the alternative parenting movement such as attachment parenting and Christian parenting. It’s easy to see why many parents are confused about which movement to choose. Jennifer’s book addresses all concerns and questions so that you can make an informed decision.

One of the best things I liked about this book is that it was very informative and took time to read. The book has over forty pages of great information and recipes. I felt that the book was easy to read and that the flow of the book was very smooth. In addition, I found that the book had many testimonials. These testimonials are not just from the author, but from many other mothers just like you and I.

Another great thing I enjoyed about this book is that it has both traditional and alternative elements. It includes information about breastfeeding, child attachment parenting, and Christian parenting as well. Therefore, you will be able to use this book in your home if you are a parent who has some type of attachment parenting style. It gives practical advice based on Christian values and beliefs.

Bottom Line

There are many good books out there for Christian parenting and several books that focus on this style of parenting. However, I think this is a great little book that provides a lot of good information about what is happening in the world of alternative parenting. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get some good information that is not only Christian based but also based on scientific fact. It is an easy read with information that everyone can understand. If you are struggling with any of your parenting decisions or issues, then I recommend you consider this book.

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