A Pregnancy Week By Week Guide For You

Pregnancy Week By Week: Get To Know About It

Pregnancy is a miraculous phase of life. There are so much anticipation and nervousness associated with pregnancy. However, when you have ample information available regarding your current condition, you can easily handle all the discomforts. It is a miracle what happens to your body during these nine months. If you want to know more about it, a pregnancy week by week guide is all you need.

Guide To Pregnancy Week By Week

Pregnancy Week By Week: Get To Know About It

Pregnancy can last for a little over 40 weeks, but it can be less depending on the mother. Pregnancy initiates from the first day of the lady’s last menstrual period. However, to make things easier, the pregnancy period is divided into three trimesters. These are:

  • First trimester: from conception to 12 weeks.
  • Second trimester: from 12 weeks to 24 weeks.
  • Third trimester: from 24 to 40 weeks.

First Trimester

The first trimester starts from conception and ends at 12 weeks. This phase is the beginning of your pregnancy. The symptoms of this period include vaginal bleeding, bloating, mood swings, headaches, lower back pain, and cramps. During the first week, your body will not be showing any signs. The baby is starting to develop, and it is busy making preparations to adjust in the womb. Some more symptoms at this stage are mild cramping, bloating, morning sickness, sore breasts, and fatigue. A slight bump may be noticeable when the first trimester is about to end.

Second Trimester

Pregnancy Week By Week: Get To Know About It

The second trimester brings along many exciting milestones. These include baby’s first kick, some relief from morning sickness, etc. In fact, it is termed as the honeymoon period of pregnancy. You start gaining weight, and your baby bump will be visible. Some of the symptoms of this stage of pregnancy include dizziness, abdominal pain, hip pain, leg cramps, leaky breasts, dry and itchy skin, heartburn, stretch marks. During this stage, you can easily witness the fetal movement. The baby is developing his or her reflexes too. Varicose veins also develop at this stage. It is said to be the most enjoyable term.

Third Trimester

The third trimester is the final stage of pregnancy. You need to start preparing for your maternity leaves. Your belly is growing, and you may have to buy some new clothes. The baby is developing at a faster pace. Moreover, it would not be long when you would be welcoming your new baby. Some of the symptoms at this stage include trouble in sleeping, aches, pains, shortness of breath, and leaky breasts. The baby is getting bigger and bigger, and your belly is getting fuller. Some other symptoms include pelvic discomfort, heartburn, trouble in sleeping, swollen ankles and feet, and changes in your vaginal discharge. Some babies might want to come out in the middle of the third trimester, and some do not even want to come out even after 40 weeks.

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Pregnancy week by week is a complete guide when it comes to pregnancy. This guide covers the journey of the baby’s development in the mother’s belly. It is advisable to know about the journey as much as you can. This will also help you to track down the growth of your baby. It can provide you the list of symptoms you might be experiencing. Pregnancy is a remarkable journey which takes you through spiritual and emotional phases. It is best to consult your doctor and always go to your prenatal check-ups.


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