Get To Know Your Pregnancy Week By Week

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Pregnancy is a mystery that becomes more interesting and joyous yet with pains week by week. Pregnancy needs a lot of care and precautions as well. Every mother is curious as to how their baby is developing. Moreover, when will his kicks and heartbeat comes and much more about that tiny baby. Every week you get new milestones and changes in the body. Let us find out the differences and precautions one must take care of every week. 

Pregnancy Week By Week Details

Pregnancy Week By Week: Know It Trimester Wise

First Trimester

You must have heard that the first twelve weeks of pregnancy are crucial. They need a lot of care and rest, and the sperm in your body is still in a developing stage and is not under a proper shell yet. You must avoid lifting heavy weights, especially during this time as this trimester your baby’s heart, lungs, liver, and other organs are developing. Many moms find the first trimester quite challenging as they go through an emotional roller coaster. They face many symptoms which can annoy them like tender breasts, morning sickness, constipation, frequent urination, and cramps. It is kind of a new beginning for them where they take time to adapt these things to your body. So, they face a lot of challenges, which makes them uncomfortable as well. It is advisable to read a lot of good books and get to know more about your baby’s development. If you do so, it will even divert your mind from anything that bothers you.

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Second Trimester

The second trimester entirely depends upon the base of the first trimester. Pregnancy week by week changes its symptoms, and every day seems to be a new day. How you handled yourself and took care of yourself will decide your second trimester. During the second trimester, the facial features of your baby will start developing like eyes, ears, and much more.

Moreover, in the sixth month, you can hear the heartbeat of your baby a little loud if you listen from the stethoscope. He will develop his ears by this time, so you can talk to your unborn child and even sing melodious music for him. He would love your voice and start recognizing you as soon as he enters this new world. 

Pregnancy Week By Week: Know It Trimester Wise

Third Trimester

The third trimester is again very crucial for a mother. As your baby grows and becomes double in size, you need to be very cautious in your movement. A large baby bump will make you uncomfortable as well. You might find it uneasy to walk around, and most problems will come in sleeping positions. By this time, your baby is getting prepared to meet you in different ways. He can now open and close his eyelids and can react to your actions. Babies can recognize the voice of their mother by this time well. It is advisable not to be stressed at all during this time.

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