How Effective Are Birth Control Methods?


Birth control methods are the talk of the town nowadays. People use them to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Moreover, people often use them as a preventive measure against sexually transmitted diseases. Having protection can prevent the release of eggs required for fertilization. Furthermore, they are also available easily in the market. However, some people doubt the effectiveness of these birth control methods.

How Effective Are Birth Control Methods?

Birth Control Methods: How Effective They Are
Birth Control Methods: How Effective They Are

Well, some of them work better than others. Pregnancy can be easily prevented using abstinence. However, this is not always successful as couples often have sex anyway. Well, the problem arises when they do not use any protection. It is still advisable for such couples to make use of these contraceptives. 

Different Criteria For Judging The Effectiveness Of Birth Control Measures

Couples who use these birth contraceptives should use them regularly and properly. However, a pregnancy control pill can be useful, but what if the girl forgets to take the medicine daily. On the other hand, condoms can also be helpful. However, if a boy forgets to use the condom, it can prove to be hazardous for the control process. Here are the rankings of a pregnancy control measure based on their effectiveness.

A control method can be:

Completely Effective Birth Control:

Birth Control Methods: How Effective They Are
Birth Control Methods: How Effective They Are

This implies that there would be no chance of being pregnant while the couple is using this method.

Highly Effective Birth Control

This implies that 1 to 2 out of 100 couples may become pregnant making use of these measures.

Effective Birth Control

This means that 2 to 12 out of 100 couples may become pregnant while using these contraceptives.

Moderately Effective

This implies that 13 to 20 out of these 100 couples may face the danger of being pregnant while they are using these measures.

Less Effective

This criterion means that 21 to 40 couples may face the danger of pregnancy even when they are using this measure.

Not Effective At All

This ranking implies that 40 out of 100 couples became pregnant when they used this control measure.

Different Types Of Birth Control 

There are various types of pregnancy control measures available in the market. Identify the best measure as per your requirements and needs. Well, here are some standard measures possible. Let us read about these in detail.

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Abstinence or no sexual contact is an effective measure to prevent pregnancy. There are no medical side effects associated with it. However, it takes your will power to use this.

Permanent Sterilization

This measure implies getting your tubes tied together so that there are no chances of fertilization. However, there may be some pain even after two weeks of using. Moreover, there may be some bleeding or other kinds of complications associated with this procedure.  However, you do not need any other action after the surgery has been done.