4 Most Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy That Every Woman Should Know

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Pregnancy is the time when a woman’s body goes through multiple changes. Sometimes changes are visible while sometimes not. Some women even don’t know what signs they need to look for. Although pregnancy signs may differ, there are a few pregnancy signs that are common among most women. Below are the 4 such most predominant early signs of pregnancy. 

1.Missing Periods 

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Women usually miss their periods in pregnancy cases. The absence of periods is also seen as the very first symptom of pregnancy. This happens about 10 to 14 days after the conception. The reason behind this pause or inconsistency is the production of hormones that causes hormonal changes. Many other indications transpire alongside the absence of a period in the expected time. However, there are also chances of light bleeding. With pregnancy, periods completely stop till the baby is born. 

2.Change In The Breast 

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A transition in the breast is natural during pregnancy. Breasts change shape or swell, becoming fuller with the pregnancy. The change is also visible in the nipples which turn darker. Moreover, the veins in the breast turn apparent.  Women also feel itchiness as well as dryness around their breasts. A change in the breast is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. 

3.Unusual Food Cravings 

A woman’s food preference may change in the pregnancy period. Pregnancy food cravings are pretty different yet hard to differentiate from the usual cravings. In some cases, women even start liking food that they never preferred or experience even vice versa. Plenty of women get food cravings for fast food, ice cream, pickles, as well as dairy products the majority of the time. A lot of women develop a taste for nonedible substances such as paper, chalk, and many more. However, this unusual craving for these kinds of substances is a matter that needs to be checked. 

4.Sickness Or Vomiting

Generally, within four to six weeks, some pregnant women start having morning sickness and vomiting. This sickness may last for around 12 weeks or even 32 weeks in some cases. Nausea can stay for an entire day. It’s a positive sign of pregnancy that implies a healthy pregnancy. The sickness can be relieved with the right food choices, exposure to fresh air, rinsing the mouth, and many other methods. 


Missing periods, change in the breast, unusual food cravings, and sickness or vomiting might be early signs of pregnancy. These are pretty common symptoms that every woman should know. The absence of periods is one of the early signs of pregnancy. Women may also face inconsistent or light bleeding in some cases. Secondly, some changes happen in the breast size and veins. Unusual food cravings can also happen in the early stage. Lastly, morning sickness and vomiting are a sign too.

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