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4 Best Co Parenting Books For Parents Who Just Parted Ways

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Parenting in the modern world seems to be something even more complex than rocket science. One step gone wrong, and your children go out on paths that they shouldn’t. Well, considering how you were brought up may not be enough. In this era, you need to be a pro at parenting just like at any other skill. It’s even difficult when you and your partner are parting ways. Do not forget, your child needs both of you. Well, we’re here to help. Looking up to some great co parenting books can help you deal with the peculiarities. Take a look at some of the best co parenting books we shortlisted for you.

Best Co Parenting Books For You

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1. Parenting Apart By Christina McGhee

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This one is a read when you start. The writer comes up with some great help for divorced and separated parents to raise their children normally. This book covers some of the biggest issues that divorcing parents have to face and brings solutions to them. It covers one of the most difficult parts of letting the kids know about this separation. It provides parents a simple vocabulary to transition into the new parenting style involving the “two-home concept” and “on- or off-duty parent” From toddlers to teenagers, this book could help in dealing with every age group.

2. Healthy Children Of Divorce In 10 Simple Steps By Shannon Rios Paulsen

This book is based on an easy 10-step guide to co-parents for effective communication in order to come up with the best solutions for their children. Many of the co-parents struggle with the past and keep dwelling on it. With the actionable steps mentioned in this book, they can get rid of all that burden and focus on leading a better, happier life.

3. Mom’s House, Dad’s House By Isoline Ricci

This is one of the best co parenting books you will get to read. The fact that its writer is an internationally renowned therapist makes it even more reliable. It incorporates psychological facts with a healthy practical framework for co-parenting. This book makes the concept of two different houses easier to accept for children.

4. The Co-Parenting Handbook By Karen Bonell

While you may be moving towards a co-parenting family structure, the age of your children is important. This co-parenting handbook guides you to help all groups of children to face their parent’s separation. This book has communication guidelines and co-parenting goals along with emotional aspects of separation, conflict, grief, and how to work on the recovery of your children.

Summing Up

While co-parenting won’t be easy, seeking some guidance would ease it. After all, you cannot take a chance when it comes to your children. These co parenting books will help you find a better way out of all the conflicts and unfavorable circumstances. Dealing with children in the right way is absolutely important. Considering your circumstances, it would be one of the best decisions to turn up to one of these co-parenting books soon.

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