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3 Key Earliest Signs of Pregnancy – Vaginal Discharge Missing Period and MILD CR Ularies

earliest signs of pregnancy

Many women look for the earliest signs of pregnancy so they can be able to take necessary actions in order to help them get the most desirable results. There are many natural methods that women use in order to track their ovulation and find out the exact time that they are fertile. Although some women may have an easier time finding this information, others will have a more difficult time. Here are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy that you may want to know about.

The earliest signs of pregnancy often include fatigue and mild breast tenderness. You can usually tell when you are pregnant by checking your basal body temperature. When you ovulate, your temperature increases. When it begins to increase, you can also begin to experience other changes such as the earliest signs of nausea.


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Bleeding is another early sign of early pregnancy, that you may want to be aware of. Some people notice that they experience more spotting after implantation bleeding occurs. This is usually the case when the fertilized egg has implanted deeper into the uterus. When the egg has implanted deep into the lining of the uterus, it makes it much more likely that the egg will be visible during the menstrual period.

Other early signs of pregnancy symptoms include the development of tender breasts. Breasts that are tender are likely to develop stretch marks. The marks usually appear around the nipples and surrounding area. Many women notice that their breasts become larger when they experience these early signs of pregnancy symptoms. It is possible for a woman to notice a change in her breast size even if she is not pregnant.

Craving For Food

Another set of early pregnancy test symptoms includes the development of cravings for foods. Many women will notice that their cravings for certain foods will increase over a period of time. For instance, some people experience cravings for chocolate during their pregnancy test. However, this is not a common occurrence because the body tends to be sensitive to changes in foods during pregnancy. If you are experiencing cravings for certain types of food, you should inform your doctor about the condition.

Along with cravings, many women also notice other signs of being pregnant, such as morning sickness. Some women notice that they experience more morning sickness than others are. Although the illness is quite typical among pregnant women, it is important to note that a number of pregnant women experience morning sickness and missed periods at the same time.

A number of other symptoms can occur in addition to spotting, including fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and light bleeding. A few women also experience tender breasts. This symptom is also a sign that the woman is pregnant, as the hormones and extra blood flow that are present can cause swollen and tender breasts. While these symptoms may vary from woman to woman, these are the most common symptoms of being pregnant.

Missed Periods

One of the earliest symptoms of being pregnant is missing the first menstrual period. In fact, some women miss their first period as early as their second week of conception! However, one should not get too frustrated or worried about missing their period. Most women develop their own delayed period pattern, which means that they may begin to miss their periods after their first trimester of pregnancy, or even sometime into their third trimester. Therefore, it is important that you monitor your menstrual cycle and track its progress regularly in order to determine whether you have conceived or are still not pregnant.

Another set of pregnancy symptoms includes sudden or severe headaches. Although experts believe that this symptom is actually due to hormones, the medical community does not agree. In fact, headaches can be a common sign of pregnancy, particularly in the morning. However, this symptom tends to become more pronounced as the pregnancy progresses, especially when taking certain medications like aspirin or ibuprofen.

Some pregnant women crave certain foods and beverages during particular times in their cycle. However, experts believe that craving or “wants” can simply be a way for a pregnant woman to signal her body that there are certain foods and drinks that she enjoys. Therefore, women crave sweet foods like ice cream, chocolate, and bananas, as well as alcoholic beverages like beer or wine during certain times of the month. As you would expect, the craving for these certain foods tends to lessen once the baby is born and the woman settles down to a more standard diet.


The truth is that most women experience some level of “nervous” or “sick” when they get pregnant. However, most women find that their overall level of “tension” decreases after delivery and that their symptoms improve as their baby grows. If you have any of the earliest signs of pregnancy nausea or any of the other pregnancy symptoms, there are several home pregnancy tests that you can use to determine if the symptoms are related to early pregnancy. These tests include a vaginal discharge, missed period, or mild cramps.

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